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Since 2010, NY Solar Group has been offering turn-key solar solutions to homeowners from consultation to installation. With NY Solar Group, switching to solar and saving thousands of dollars on your electric bill has been made easy through clear-cut consultations, detailed energy-efficiency analysis, easy-to-understand solar design, and professional solar installation. LA Solar Group offers solar installation services and consultations in Ventura, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, and San Diego counties.


Founded by engineering and construction professionals, NY Solar Group Commercial division provides complete solar installation and consultation services to commercial property owners and businesses. NY Solar Group had been servicing large commercial solar projects since 2010. Commercial solar installation and engineering requires more in-depth skills and expertise which not all solar companies can provide.

Unlike residential electric usage, the structure of a commercial property’s usage and bill structure is complex. Our consultation will include a detailed energy bill evaluation and analysis with suggestions as to which electric rate will be greater for the business after switching to solar. While residential has 3 major rates, there are 45 commercial rates for commercial solar applications. Hence an energy bill evaluation and analysis is the first step toward understanding how solar will benefit commercial properties.

Your home’s main electrical breaker panel with has a very important impact on your system installation.  The breaker panel is the distribution board that will supply the electricity fed from the solar system into its circuits breakers that power various parts of the house.   Certain homes will have different electrical boxes based on the year the home was built and the type of fuse bus the electrical panel will have.

A home will usually have 100 or 200 amp electrical panels, depending on when the home was built and the square footage of the home. Most homes over 2500 square feet already come with 200 amps, while homes under 2500 may only have 100 amp panels.

In certain circumstances it will be required for the main electrical panel to upgraded in order to support the energy presented by the solar system.  We take into account the bus bar rating and where energy is fed to the main breaker of the panel. Centrally located breakers are not compatible with solar, therefore your main panel may need to be downsized to 150 amps if the breakers are located at the center of the unit. If the house amp requirements are more than 150 amps, then we will perform a main panel upgrade to accommodate your solar installation.

It is possible to install a solar system that is 4.5 kilowatts or less with a 100-amp panel. On certain projects, is may be necessary to downsize the panel.  NY Solar group will remove an existing breaker and replace it with a new, smaller breaker to accommodate the capacity of the panel, including the solar generated ampacity.

As the homeowner, you can always check the label sticker attach to the electric panel to find it’s amperage rating.  When the bus bar is 200 amps with a 200 amp breaker, the maximum allowable breaker size will be 40 amps, which is typically 10 kilowatt system size or less.  When a system is larger than 10 kilowatts, the main breaker will need to be replaced or updated. 

Here’s what’s included in your Main electrical panel upgrade:

The Panel

Wall Stucco Repair

Labor and Materials

Separate city permit

Additional city inspection

When it comes to solar installation, one of the most important components is your home’s roof.  When evaluating your roof prior to our installation, there are many factors that would determine its condition.  During this process, one of our expert team members will do a thorough examination of your roof and make the necessary recommendations.  If any work needs to be done, NY Solar Group can take care of the entire process, from start to finish.  We specialize in Solar Roofing and can walk you through everything.


When a partial re-roofing is done, we remove only the sections needed, replace it with a new roof and then replace the tiles in order to keep the original look of the home. You will not be able to see the new roof under your solar panels; you will only see the tiles outside of the solar arrays. We carefully remove the tiles from your roof and replace them after the panels are installed. For the area that the solar panels are mounted on, we’ll simply replace the roof material with premium composite or asphalt roofing for a clean, polished look.


When going solar, some roofs will need to be replaced before installation. Two scenarios will determine if re-roofing is necessary for your home; if your roof is in poor condition and the type of roofing material. If your roof is in poor condition, we’ll recommend that you replace your roof with your solar project.





Warranty – NY Solar 360 Solar Asset Protection Guarantee

We understand that customers want to make sure they make the right decision in their solar investment. A NY Solar Group we make sure your assets are protected. Protecting your assets does not end with a simple warranty. Our 360 Solar Asset Protection Guarantee begins the day you sign your agreement.

We commit to using the highest quality materials and to provide excellence in engineering design and installation that is second to none. We do it right the first time and all the systems components are designed for the longest life, right down to the washers. We warranty your equipment and our workmanship and we guarantee a quick installation or we pay your electric bills!* It is that simple, and worry-free.

We commit to the best prices possible. This combined with the rest of our 360 Solar Asset Protection Guarantee; you get the fastest return on your investment.

We also guarantee the production of your equipment,* and we offer a 20-warranty on labor and 25-years on the equipment* that is also bound by the equipment manufacturer. So you have two companies backing you.

More importantly than the warrantee itself, our efficient equipment and designs that cut down on the number of roof penetrations, while our highly trained installers keep our leak and equipment failure ratio to practically zero.

Lastly, we custom design your system, but we build it to be plug-and-play so you can rest at night knowing that almost anyone could repair or upgrade your system.

The more you find out about our designs, quality of equipment, installation and 360 Solar Asset Protection Guarantee, the more you will be happy you chose NY Solar Group. Call today to find out more!