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Solar Capacities are Soaring in New York

Out of all the cities in the US, New York now sits in an impressive 7th place for having the most capacity available for solar, outperforming Las Vegas and Albuquerque. These figures have been reported by CNBC on the link outlined below this section and show a significant increase of more than 800% growth over a five-year period.
With close to 1.5 billion dollars of funds received via private investment, along with direct support from the Long Island Power Authority, the New York Power Authority and the New York state Energy Research and Development authorities; it’s no wonder that these figures have been attained and confidence is high that the 2030 figures of attaining 50% in renewable energies will be surpassed. http://www.cnbc.com/2017/02/22/new-york-sees-almost-800-percent-growth-in-solar-power-over-five-years.html.

Confidence of Meeting 2030 Targets is High

Governor Andrew Cuomo proudly proclaimed that his state is a national leader in renewable energies and thanks to the astounding growth in the Solar Power Sector, residents and businesses have been able to enjoy easy access to this power and extremely affordable costs.

Similarly, the Chairman of New York’s Energy and Finance sectors Richard Kauffman has announced that the spike in clean energy will no doubt help the state to achieved the aggressive targets whilst still making it affordable for people to buy solar energy for their homes.

Installation figures for Solar Power in New York back up these bold statements. In December 2011, Around 80 Megawatts of solar power was installed, In December 2016, the installed Megawatt figures were at a huge figure of 740.

Source Article: https://www.habitatmag.com/Publication-Content/Green-Ideas/2017/2017-April/Earth-Day-2

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