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The Cities First Interconnected Community Solar Project is GO-GO-GO!

Construction has been completed by United Renewables, and this project is now linked directly to the power grid. The entire development and interconnectivity of the site were handled by the National Grid.
It is located in the upper part of the state in the Hamlet of Somerville and was placed carefully on unused land over a 1.2 Hectare space. Full production has been in place since the end of last year with more than a 50% subscription already attained.

How Does It Work?

The project is fully supported by members who belong to communities nearby. Each of the members receives a specific percentage of the overall powered generated in order to offset the cost of energy.

This is all helping the state to get ready to meet it’s somewhat stretched renewable energy targets to get 50% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030.

This collaboration between United Renewables and The National Grid marks a significant project completion and one which others can take both inspiration and encouragement from. It is certainly welcome news for those who are in the Solar Industry in New York.

What Next?

It has also been highlighted that there is another similar project taking place soon in Brooklyn. This is an initiative that will also become a solar community project that is being sponsored and supported by Gotham Community Solar and UGE International; These two entities are creating this at a multi-tenant facility to be used commercially in Brooklyn.
With a significant target to reach by 2030, there are sure to be more and more of these projects popping up over the coming years, bringing a much-needed boost to the solar industry and increasing the use of renewable energy in New York.

Source Article: https://www.pv-tech.org/news/united-renewable-energy-completes-new-yorks-first-interconnected-community

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