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New York enjoys 800% Growth in Solar Power Installation

NY Solar GroupFor the first time in 5 years between 2011 and 2016, New York has registered an incredible growth in solar power installation. This translates to more than 7500 new jobs and $1.5 billion spent on private investment into solar energy. New York City has a set target of attaining a 50% renewable energy source by the year 2030, and with more than 800% growth in installation, the city is getting closer to the objective. In fact, by the year 2013, New York had already attained 22%.

Most of the progress in the growth of solar power and other renewable sources of energy in New York are attributed to the work of Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose main development agenda has been focused on solar power. This follows the 2014 1billion dollar investment into the NY-Sun Program, which was established to help in boosting the market by creating more jobs, and also to meet the target of increasing the number of solar plants within New York in 10 years. The end game was to inject an additional 3GWh by the year 2023.

It is not just about creating more jobs, but the prospect of this project was built on 4 pillars, including supporting economic growth, reducing carbon emissions and building a cleaner and greener New York in the process. Perhaps the most notable feat about this project is that it is one of the most successful public and private sector joint ventures.

The progress that has been achieved through this process is undeniable. Other than creating more than 7500 jobs, there have been new innovative opportunities in engineering and manufacturing industries, alongside other industries that are associated with clean technologies. Nationally, this progress has made New York a leader in clean energy, demonstrating the increased affordability and accessibility of renewable energy and technology for businesses and residents.

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