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Community Experiment with Solar Power in Brooklyn

NY Solar GroupThis is a new project and is very much in its infancy as of early 2017. There are rows upon rows of rooftops now covered in solar panels across Brooklyn that form part of a very unique. “Microgrid”. This is a wired-in network to which a growing number of commercial and domestic in Brooklyn are signing up to become a part of. The present number of members as of Q1 2017 was around fifty, but growing steadily.

How does it work?

Essentially, members sign-up to the service and become part of a virtual trading platform. This then enables people who are producing solar energy to sell any credits they have in their system and to be able to then trade that with them, for it to then get passed through via the Microgrid system.

The longer term vision for this solar project taking place in New York is to have a robust and busy peer-to-peer trading system for energy that is founded upon Blockchain.

The results, if positive, could mean that members of this grid could avoid paying the traditional energy providers and perhaps have a better system that would also work in the event of a power outage.

New York Is Leading The Way In Solar Grid Initiative

With countries such as Australia, Germany and Bangladesh either announcing plans or already testing this same experiment; the residents of New York are already starting to reap the benefits of this clever initiative.
Mr R Kauffman, who is Chairman to the Governor of Energy and Finance believes the best system would be almost hybrid in some respects. He believes that being able to provide a dynamic and intelligent system and strategy behind it would better meet supply and demand needs of New York City residents and businesses.

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